Company Name

Page Mill North Limited is my adventure into one of the lands where technology and creativity meet.

The company was incorporated in 1989 at a time when I didn't know what I'd end up doing next.

As a company name, Page Mill North Limited isn't much more industry specific than a numbered company.  That was deliberate, to maintain flexibility.  Possibilities included a return to computing, program or video production, general research and writing, or broadcasting consulting.

Page Mill North was invented as an imaginary place where any or all of these things could be happening.  It's named after Page Mill Road in Palo Alto, California.

At the time that I was doing my graduate work at Stanford, Page Mill Road was the street address of diversity.  It was the home of Hewlett-Packard, Varian, Kodak, the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), the west coast offices of the Wall Street Journal, Stanford University, the Amber Lantern pizza parlor, the Palo Alto dump, and one of the best over-the-mountains-to-the-beach motorcycle rides on the west coast.

Page Mill Road is in Palo Alto, California.  Page Mill North is in Toronto, Canada.