Here are three completely different websites I've built, one very large, the others somewhat smaller.  All use "responsive design" so that the pages adapt themsleves to display properly on screens of varying sizes – desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

European Castles Tours

European Castles Tours is a small German company that specializes in all-inclusive small-group tours of castles, palaces, and regional highlights in Germany and central Europe.

The European Castles Tours website is relatively large because there are 16 major and 30 shorter tour itineraries to describe, as well as general information for potential clients.  The site consists of 104 web pages, plus downloadable itineraries and maps packages.

This site contains many page-to-page and on-page links, but they are all easy to find and easy to use.

The Gallery pages contain many of my own photos from these tours.

View this site at .

European Castles Tours publishes an annual brochure describing the various tours.  I prepare this 36-page catalog by condensing the information from the website and preparing the pages for printing.  You can see a PDF copy (7.3 MB) of the current edition of that catalog by clicking on this ECT-Brochure link. is my personal travel photos website.

The photos are organized in PDF packages, each described on a destination web page with sample images, a map, and a table of contents. 

This is a great way for me to share photos of my travels with people who have varying interests and different computers.

There are now 43 destination pages – for parts of Europe, North America, and the Caribbean.

Check out this site for yourself at .

Paul Fairley Sculptures

This website showcases the work of sculptor Paul Fairley and provides detail on four "lost wax process" works offered for sale.

Pages review Paul's career, survey the body of his work, and explain the intricasies of the lost wax technique.

This 26-page site makes extensive use of photos and selective use of rotational dissolves.

The pages featuring works for sale also include on-screen videos showing each sculpture rotating slowly on a turntable.

Visit this site at .


These are custom websites, designed to fit their differing roles.  They conform to the latest CCS / HTML5 standards, but are as simple as possible under the covers to ensure reliable operation.

Maybe I can devise a custom solution for you.  Free to ask.